What is Capture?

Capture is the World’s First decentralized Web3 Camera app and the primary creation tool of the Numbers Protocol Decentralized Asset Network. Allowing creators and users to easily create and share Web3.0 digital media. Capture features in-app NFT minting and makes assets traceable and verifiable. 

Capture exists in a digital media space littered with violations and inactions, and challenges these previously accepted realities by equipping everyday users with the means of easily securing their own creations. 

Capture App is live on Android and iOS.

How different are the photos I take with Capture than other camera apps?

Media created with Capture App has its ownership and context preserved. Unlike regular photos, which are just raw images with no information, photos created with Capture app are digital information containers that are multi-layered and contain NFT ownership and context. Every photo created with Capture App has its own unique associated certificate of authenticity made immutable and verifiable by the blockchain. The information remains with the photo making it traceable even as it is shared, downloaded, and misused.

Capture App was created in response to the growing provenance crisis and the ongoing plight photo creators experience when it comes to licensing their work. We see Capture App as the next-generation application for establishing value and authenticity in the ever evolving digital asset landscape. 

Are photos created with Capture NFTs?

Photos created with Capture are not NFTs but digital assets that have their ownership and context preserved. Upon request, an extra NFT layer can be added into Captures through tokenization processes. When this happens, the asset itself on the outside will remain unchanged, however, additional information containing NFT-related data will be injected into the asset. 

How do I purchase photo NFTs on Capture?

When you decide to purchase a photo NFT in Capture App, visit the photo page, click on the “Collect” button and complete the payment process. You will see the photo NFT under your “Collected” section. 


What are the commercial and asset copyrights?

All captures are under Creative Common License and may be subject to change based on the creator’s choice. 

Is there an ownership license for when I collect a NFT asset through Capture app?

When you collect a NFT asset on Capture app, the license varies per NFT. Please look into the license before you collect. 

How do I report content or users?

Please contact service@numbersprotocol.io to report inappropriate contents or users.  

Can I mint my medias to other blockchains, or just Numbers blockchain?

Capture App provides cross-chain service. Users can choose to mint their media on blockchains which are currently supported in the Capture App.  

Without making specific choices, all media are defaulted to mint on Numbers blockchain. 

Can I remove an artwork or photograph from my account?

If you would like to remove the media (assets) from your account, you may go to the asset page, click on the edit icon on the top right corner, and click “Remove”. This asset will be removed from your account.  If you have minted your asset as a NFT, you can also go the asset page, click the edit icon on the top right corner, and click “Unpublish”to unlist your NFT from marketplace.

Can I update my profile image, username, biography or website url in Capture?

Currently users can update profile image and user name. We are working on providing other features which allow users build a more personalized profile. Please stay tuned. 

Can I delete my Capture account?

Users can delete their Capture account by going to “Setting” and then “Delete account”. 

Before deletion, please make sure to back-up the integrity wallet, private keys and all media assets. 

If you are not sure about the result, please contact service@numbersprotocol.io before delete. 

Sales, Fees, Royalties, and more

What currency do I use to purchase photo NFTs? 

All actions including collect and sale in Capture App will be transacted in mainnet NUM. 

NUM, is the native protocol token of Numbers Protocol. It is primarily a utility token designed to incentivize users to create, archive and verify content with good integrity. 

For more information, please visit the NUM page.  

What actions can I perform with my collected NFTs?

After you collect NFTs, it will appear in your “Collected” section and be viewed anytime. You can also use “Network Actions” in Capture App to send NFTs to friends and family as a Web3 gift, or relist it on Capture for sale, and many other more features. More network actions will be coming soon. 

How do I withdraw my funds from my Capture wallet?

To withdraw funds from the Capture wallet, click on the profile icon in the bottom right corner to access the wallet page. Click on "Withdraw" and the funds will be transferred from your asset wallet to your integrity wallet. The integrity wallet is a non-custodial wallet that you own and manage yourself. Please keep your private key safe and do not share it with anyone. You can use the "Export Integrity Wallet" feature to obtain your private key and import it to MetaMask to check your withdrawal funds. The NUM token in the Capture App is on the Numbers Mainnet. Please ensure that you switch the network to Numbers Mainnet on MetaMask or check it on the Numbers Mainnet Explorer.

Please be noted that the interface may change due to the app development progress. 

How do I add NUM token to my Capture wallet?

In Capture App, you can add fund to the wallet through these two approaches : 

Please go to “Wallet” and click “Buy Credits”. Capture Credits are only available to use on network actions, but not for collect. 

You can also transfer mainnet NUM from your external wallet to your "Asset Wallet" within the Capture App. You can find your asset wallet address on the wallet page. Please note that if your NUM is on the BEP20 or ERC20 network, it will not be displayed on your wallet page as the Capture wallet only supports mainnet NUM. Therefore, please make sure to bridge or swap your NUM token to the Numbers mainnet before depositing it into the Capture wallet. (You can obtain native NUM token on gate.io, LBank, or bridge through XY Finance)

What’s the difference between NUM token and Capture Credit?

Credit bear the equal value as NUM. ( 1 Credit : 1 NUM ) 

Users can use credit to conduct network actions, but not for collect. 

For a comprehensive explanation of Capture Credit, please refer to our guide <Capture Credit Explained, All You’d Like to Know!>.

In brief, Capture Credit can only be used within Capture App and has the same value as NUM native token. It can be used to pay registration and gas fees, but not to purchase Capture NFTs. Capture Credit can be acquired through in-app purchases, as a new sign-up reward, referral reward, or through promotion campaign reward**. Credits obtained through in-app purchases will not expire, while those obtained as rewards (from sign-up/referral or campaigns) will expire after 90 days.

**Rewards may vary depending on the present campaign. Numbers Protocol reserves the right of final interpretation of the rewards and activities.

What is the fee structure on Capture?

For taking photos on Capture app, every registration of content to Numbers network would require $ 0.025 NUM plus gas fee around $ 0.0004 NUM. 

For all NFT sales, the platform charges a 12% service fee. 

In terms of 1st-time sale of NFT, the creator will receive 88% of the sale price. 

In terms of secondary sale of NFT, the creator will receive 30% of the sale price, and the owner will receive 58% of the sale price. 

Can I re-sale an NFT from my collection on Capture or any other marketplaces?

For collected NFTs under your account, you may use “Network Action” to sale within Capture App or other marketplace. 

How much does it cost to sell (mint) an image with Capture?

Currently in Capture app, it costs 1 NUM or 1 Credit for Mint & Share on Numbers network, the cost are varies if you want to mint NFT on other chain, such as Avalanche, Ethereum or Hedera. 

How do I receive payment when a collector buys (collect) my NFT? 

When a user collects your NFT, the sale price will be transferred to your Capture wallet, after deducting platform fee (12%). 

What is transaction gas?

Capture App is the main application running on Numbers Blockchain. Every action conducted on the network would consume gas fee. 

Why do I have insufficient funds when trying to collect a NFT?

If it shows “insufficient fund” when you try to collect NFT, it means that the amount in your wallet is lower than the sale price. Please refer to answer of the question “How do I add NUM token to my Capture wallet?”

You may also use Moonpay while collecting NFT:  Step-by-Step Guide to checkout with MoonPay and collect Captures in Capture App!

Can I change the sale price of my NFTs in Capture once minted (published)?

If you would like to change the price of your NFT, please unpublish the current NFT and use the network action to mint and share it again with the new price. Please note that this process will have the same cost as the original NFT minting. To unpublish your NFT, go to the NFT page and click on the edit icon in the top right corner. Then, select "Unpublish" to remove it from the marketplace. Finally, click on "Network Action" to republish the NFT with the updated price.

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