Capture Camera

Capture Cam is your mobile gateway to authentic digital media and NFT creation. A mobile application designed to authenticate, register, and convert your photos and videos into traceable digital assets and NFTs in one click.

Capture. Authenticate. Secure.

Camera app

Providing you with an intuitive interface to effortlessly capture and register your images and videos.

Authenticate digital media

By creating a unique, blockchain-secured certificate for each photo or video, we provide a reliable proof of provenance.

One click Capture assets to NFT

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Turn your photos and videos into NFTs in just a few taps.

Images are verified and secured on the blockchain, protecting your asset rights.

Showcase and sell your work, discover new creators and build your own community.

Built for protection

Capture Cam is designed with a profound focus on safeguarding the interests of its users. It ensures consumer trust through authentic content and combats digital fraud by providing an unassailable shield against unauthorized content manipulation and distribution.

Protect consumers

Guard your consumers' interests with access to authentic, unaltered digital media, enhancing their trust in your content.

Prevent Fraud

Combat digital fraud effectively by securing each digital asset on the blockchain, we prevent unauthorized use and distribution, safeguarding your intellectual property rights.

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From ensuring content authenticity to safeguarding copyright, Capture enhances trust and operational efficiency within the media industry.

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Capture's suite of tools provide unparalleled security and transparency for the fashion industry. From securing IP to fighting counterfeits & bolstering brand image with provenance.

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Artifcial Intelligence

Capture's products ensure the authenticity and traceability of AI-generated content, offering solutions that guarantee data protection and transparency.

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