Provenance Infrastructure 
for digital media

An all-in-one suite providing monetization tools and immutable copyright for your digital media ecosystem

In today's rapidly evolving digital & AI landscape, establishing trust and ownership for digital assets has never been more difficult.

Capture is trusted by
In 2022 we presented the world with evidence of war crimes in Ukraine using Web3 technology.
For the 2020 presidential election and transition we worked with Reuters to archive the events and media.
In 2021, alongside the Starling app we covered the LegCo 2021 election in Hong Kong, bringing authenticity to the associated digital media.
In 2022 we presented the world with evidence of war crimes in Ukraine using Web3 technology.

Why do we need
Immutable copyright?

Combatting false information

Digital provenance is pivotal in identifying and tracking the spread of false information, ensuring the authenticity of AI models, and verifying their integrity, particularly in preventing misinformation and disinformation.

Improving reliability and protecting creators

Digital provenance can enhance the reliability of digital systems by tracking the history of digital assets. It is crucial for generative art in preserving value, ensuring recognition for creators and promoting transparency by providing a record of its origin, ownership, and authenticity.

Upholding authenticity and intellectual property

By maintaining the authenticity of digital assets and tracking the creation and use of copyrighted material, digital provenance helps protect intellectual property and prevent digital forgeries and piracy.

The features

Capture Cam

A secure camera technology captures, signs, and seals critical details in every photo or video, such as date, time, location, and the true pixels captured.

  • Authentic captures

  • Protect consumers

  • Prevent fraud

  • Authenticate digital media

  • One click to turn Capture assets to NFT

Capture Dashboard

Decentralized storage facility for all images taken on Capture Cam but also a depositary for you to upload original authentic images.

  • Store original authentic images

  • Detect existing images using our NFT Search engine

  • Detect fake content

  • Custom dashboard

  • Decentralised storage

  • Monetisation, mint + sell assets

Capture SDK

A powerful toolkit for seamlessly integrating blockchain capabilities into your applications. Register, manage, track, and monetize digital assets efficiently, enhancing transparency and creating new revenue streams.

  • Holistic asset management

  • Interoperable asset tracking

  • Seamless NFT Minting

  • Compatible with numerous server languages

  • IOS & Android

Capture Eye

All images are verified and secured on the blockchain, protecting asset rights, proving authenticity and being transparent with edits, changes to digital media using Capture sign.

  • Decentralized storage of the actual media asset

  • Metadata

  • Copyright

  • Licensing rights

  • IP Certificate

Find a perfectly tailored
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From ensuring content authenticity to safeguarding copyright, Capture enhances trust and operational efficiency within the media industry.


Capture's suite of tools provide unparalleled security and transparency for the fashion industry. From securing IP to fighting counterfeits & bolstering brand image with provenance.

Artificial Intelligence

Capture's products ensure the authenticity and traceability of AI-generated content, offering solutions that guarantee data protection and transparency.

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