Capture for Fashion

Transforming the way artists and content creators protect, manage, and monetize their work. From safeguarding intellectual property to enabling easy and secure monetization, Capture is your ally in the creative process.

Creativity and Art

Secure & monetize your creative work


Register your art and content on the blockchain, creating an immutable record that protects your intellectual property rights.

Artistic provenance

Display your creative process and authenticate your art, Capture enables secure and verifiable provenance, enhancing trust among your audience.

Monetize your work

Turn your artworks into NFTs and establish direct sales or royalties, offering a new income stream for artists and creators.

Customer Story

Rhiannon Adam on chasing utopia and the potential of Web3

Rhiannon Adam on chasing utopia and the potential of Web3

Security & Compliance

Capture solution prioritizes your security and compliance needs and is certified by ISO 27001 security standards. Compliant with C2PA and EIP-7053 standards, Capture is also built on the blockchain with net-zero emissions, offering you a secure, trustworthy, and eco-friendly solution for your operations.

Frequently asked questions

How different are the photos I take with Capture than other camera apps?

Media created with Capture App has its ownership and context preserved. Unlike regular photos, which are just raw images with no information, photos created with Capture app are digital information containers that are multi-layered and contain NFT ownership and context. Every photo created with Capture App has its own unique associated certificate of authenticity made immutable and verifiable by the blockchain. The information remains with the photo making it traceable even as it is shared, downloaded, and misused.

Capture App was created in response to the growing provenance crisis and the ongoing plight photo creators experience when it comes to licensing their work. We see Capture App as the next-generation application for establishing value and authenticity in the ever evolving digital asset landscape.

Are photos created with Capture NFTs?

Photos created with Capture are not NFTs but digital assets that have their ownership and context preserved. Upon request, an extra NFT layer can be added into Captures through tokenization processes. When this happens, the asset itself on the outside will remain unchanged, however, additional information containing NFT-related data will be injected into the asset.

What are the commercial and asset copyrights?

All captures are under Creative Common License and may be subject to change based on the creator’s choice.

How do I receive payment when a collector buys (collect) my NFT?

When a user collects your NFT, the sale price will be transferred to your Capture wallet, after deducting platform fee (12%).

Can I delete my Capture account?

Users can delete their Capture account by going to “Setting” and then “Delete account”. 

Before deletion, please make sure to back-up the integrity wallet, private keys and all media assets. 

If you are not sure about the result, please contact before delete.

What is the fee structure on Capture?

For taking photos on Capture app, every registration of content to Numbers network would require $ 0.025 NUM plus gas fee around $ 0.0004 NUM. 

For all NFT sales, the platform charges a 12% service fee. 

In terms of 1st-time sale of NFT, the creator will receive 88% of the sale price. 

In terms of secondary sale of NFT, the creator will receive 30% of the sale price, and the owner will receive 58% of the sale price.

More questions?

Please visit the FAQ page or contact us directly.