Capture SDK

A comprehensive API suite designed for seamless integration of C2PA and blockchain provenance into your applications to label AI-generated content or to enhance the protections for human creativity efficiently.

A comprehensive solution to integrate content provenance with ease

Interoperable content provenance

The SDK allows you to register content provenance, download C2PA, mint NFT, and commit content histories. It paves the way for wide-ranging interoperability and increases your application's transparency and trust in the fragmented content ecosystem.

Content verification

The AI-powered engine allows you to build features for searching content provenance, verifying metadata, and tracking ownership history for the digital content generated from your platform, increasing the value and reliability of the media assets.

License and monetization

Minting  assets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) across various blockchains is simple & seamless. The revenue sharing feature opens new avenues for monetization, making your platform a hub for digital creators looking for economic empowerment.

Effortless registration
and content verification

The Capture SDK simplifies the process of registering your digital media files with the Capture platform. By integrating our SDK into your application, you streamline the task of managing digital assets, enabling users to readily validate the authenticity and provenance of their creations,  boosting confidence in your platform.