Capture Dashboard

A free-to-use online platform designed for creating content provenance with ease. The Showcase feature is ideal for individuals and small teams looking to publish and monetize their work.

Store. Secure. Manage

Store original authentic images

A decentralized platform for securely storing your original, authentic images. This safeguarding feature ensures the preservation of your unique digital assets, maintaining their originality.

Explore existing images using our Verify engine

Detect and identify any existing digital assets. This not only helps in tracking your creations but also aids in protecting your work against unauthorized use.

Detect AI generated or fake content

Equipped to distinguish AI-generated or fake content, offering you an additional layer of security for your creative assets, ensuring the integrity and genuineness of your work.

Decentralized storage

Capture is a decentralized platform, which means that there is no central authority that controls it. All data registered on the Capture Dashboard remains owned by users.

White label solutions

Capture Dashboard's white-label feature offers businesses the flexibility to customize the platform with their own branding, providing a seamless user experience that reinforces brand identity, fosters trust, and enhances customer loyalty while leveraging Capture's robust digital asset management infrastructure.