Implement C2PA at scale

Seamlessly integrate C2PA Content Credentials on your websites, platforms or mobile devices, without disrupting workflows.

Why work with Capture?

As an early contributor to the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) open technical standard, Capture SDK is the leading commercial solution used by news media, creativity and AI industries.

For Brands

Preserve the integrity of digital content to enhance authenticity.

For Platforms

Integrate C2PA seamlessly with your tech stack and team's needs.

For Users

Verify content origins and history with only one click.

What is the C2PA?

C2PA is An open standard that allows brands, platforms and users to trace the origins and history of digital media.

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Harness authenticity at key user touch points to drive authenticity

  • Boost page conversion with clickable badges and gain insights on the authenticity issues your users value most.
  • Capture's validation data empowers brands and platforms to enhance authentic edits and build loyalty programs.

Who uses the C2PA signing toolkit

Generative AI

Sign AI-generated files in real time. Efficiently and programmatically sign and categorize content as AI-generated upon model output on your server infrastructure.

Social Media

Sign edits and changes to a media file to record its history. Easily incorporate signing into your user-generated media optimization and scaling workflow, whether processing in the cloud or at the edge.


Add a tamper-evident seal to existing files to make them future proof. Automatically integrate C2PA into editorial content within your content management and digital asset management systems.

Title 4, if needed

Blockchain-backed IP certificates, serving as an immutable record of your intellectual property rights, bolstering your content's credibility and safeguarding your creative interests.

Title 5, if needed

As AI begins to  influence the content landscape, Capture ensures the ethical and secure handling of digital assets. Companies can responsibly train machine learning models on verified and authenticated datasets, mitigating risks associated with data misuse or unauthorized access.

Title 6, if needed

Capture Eye's implementation is as straightforward as it is powerful. With simple HTML codes, you can swiftly embed the widget on your website, equipping your platform with cutting-edge blockchain features for digital content monetization.

Key features

Developers can integrate C2PA signing into any software or infrastructure with Capture SDK. Our simple and rich API allows developers to integrate with ease.

Secure signing

Capture is certified by ISO 27001 to provide the secure signing environment for your services and brands.


Our Multi-language support ensures user experience across various languages and allows brands to localize applications effortlessly

Enterprise support

Get hands-on implementation guidance and dedicated support from experts through email, video conferencing, and Slack, Microsoft Teams or Telegram channels.


Capture’s C2PA integration has provided our users with a reliable way to verify content origins. It’s a powerful tool for building trust.

Ping-Lin Chang

Founder & CEO, Instill AI

We chose Capture because of their leadership in the provenance standard. Their solution has been instrumental in preserving the integrity of our content.

Yu Chih-wei

Founder, Pyroimage