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Capture's products ensure the authenticity and traceability of AI-generated content, offering solutions that guarantee data protection and transparency. Helping to fuel the expansion of AI with safety and confidence.

Artificial Intelligence

Discover the provenance of generative AI works

Authenticate AI content

Authenticate AI-generated content, establishing unique digital certificates for each item and distinguishing AI-generated content from human creations.

Copyright protection

Protect your AI-engineered products and services & ensure the IP of your AI-generated content, preventing unauthorized use and profiting.

Transparency and traceability

Create a traceable and transparent environment for your AI operations. Capture's provenance capabilities provide an open-source solution to track and validate every piece of data, boosting stakeholder trust.

Customer Story

How to Create Traceable Generative AI in an Era of Untraceability

How to Create Traceable Generative AI in an Era of Untraceability

Security & Compliance

Our product prioritizes your security and compliance needs, ensuring utmost data protection and reliability. Certified by ISO27001, our platform is also compliant with C2PA and EIP-7053 standards, offering you a secure, trustworthy solution for your operations.

Frequently asked questions

What is Capture?

Capture is the World’s First decentralized Web3 Camera app and the primary creation tool of the Numbers Protocol Decentralized Asset Network. Allowing creators and users to easily create and share Web3.0 digital media. Capture features in-app NFT minting and makes assets traceable and verifiable. 

Capture exists in a digital media space littered with violations and inactions, and challenges these previously accepted realities by equipping everyday users with the means of easily securing their own creations. 

Capture App is live on Android and iOS.

Are photos created with Capture NFTs?

Photos created with Capture are not NFTs but digital assets that have their ownership and context preserved. Upon request, an extra NFT layer can be added into Captures through tokenization processes. When this happens, the asset itself on the outside will remain unchanged, however, additional information containing NFT-related data will be injected into the asset.

How do I purchase photo NFTs on Capture?

When you decide to purchase a photo NFT in Capture App, visit the photo page, click on the “Collect” button and complete the payment process. You will see the photo NFT under your “Collected” section.

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