Capture Eye

A simple widget that can be easily integrated into your website for unlocking new revenue streams and allowing visitors to verify content provenance with ease.

Elevate your content’s authenticity

Easily integrate with your digital products

Capture Eye effortlessly blends with your existing platforms, elevating your content's value and trustworthiness.

Decentralized storage of the actual media asset

Secure, immutable and long-lasting preservation of your original digital assets, enhancing their credibility and authenticity.

Protect your digital rights


Embed comprehensive metadata into your digital assets, providing context, enhancing searchability, and affirming the authenticity of your content.


Fortify your copyright protection, assert your ownership and prevent unauthorized use of your digital assets.

Licensing rights

Define how your assets can be used by managing licensing rights on the blockchain & maintain control over your content’s distribution and use.

IP Certificate

Blockchain-backed IP certificates, serving as an immutable record of your intellectual property rights, bolstering your content's credibility and safeguarding your creative interests.

AI / Machine Learning

As AI begins to  influence the content landscape, Capture ensures the ethical and secure handling of digital assets. Companies can responsibly train machine learning models on verified and authenticated datasets, mitigating risks associated with data misuse or unauthorized access.

Simple installation & monetization

Capture Eye's implementation is as straightforward as it is powerful. With simple HTML codes, you can swiftly embed the widget on your website, equipping your platform with cutting-edge blockchain features for digital content monetization.