Capture for Fashion

Offering institutions an efficient way to authenticate digital media, prevent fraud, and ensure transparency in their operations. Capture's secure decentralized storage and provenance capabilities are key to bolstering public trust.

Institutions and Prevention

Enhance public trust

Media authentication

Leverage Capture's blockchain technology to authenticate digital media and documents, ensuring their originality and protecting against fraud.

Fraud prevention

Prevent fraudulent activities by establishing a verifiable and immutable record of all digital assets, including public documents and official media releases.

Transparent operations

Showcase the transparent operations of government agencies. With blockchain-backed provenance, every action is accountable and traceable, enhancing public trust.

Customer Story

AI, Web3 & War Crimes: The Emmy Nominated Rolling Stone Project

AI, Web3 & War Crimes: The Emmy Nominated Rolling Stone Project

Security & Compliance

Capture solution prioritizes your security and compliance needs and is certified by ISO 27001 security standards. Compliant with C2PA and EIP-7053 standards, Capture is also built on the blockchain with net-zero emissions, offering you a secure, trustworthy, and eco-friendly solution for your operations.

Frequently asked questions

How different are the photos I take with Capture than other camera apps?

Media created with Capture App has its ownership and context preserved. Unlike regular photos, which are just raw images with no information, photos created with Capture app are digital information containers that are multi-layered and contain NFT ownership and context. Every photo created with Capture App has its own unique associated certificate of authenticity made immutable and verifiable by the blockchain. The information remains with the photo making it traceable even as it is shared, downloaded, and misused.

Capture App was created in response to the growing provenance crisis and the ongoing plight photo creators experience when it comes to licensing their work. We see Capture App as the next-generation application for establishing value and authenticity in the ever evolving digital asset landscape.

Are photos created with Capture NFTs?

Photos created with Capture are not NFTs but digital assets that have their ownership and context preserved. Upon request, an extra NFT layer can be added into Captures through tokenization processes. When this happens, the asset itself on the outside will remain unchanged, however, additional information containing NFT-related data will be injected into the asset.

What is Capture?

Capture is a provenance infrastructure that authenticates and tracks digital assets using C2PA and blockchain technology, offering a go-to solution for brands, individuals, and organizations. By providing a tamper-proof history of digital content, Capture not only ensures authenticity but also opens avenues for monetization through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Capture's vision is to build a transparent and secure digital ecosystem, setting the stage for innovative applications in personalized AI and the broader digital landscape.

More questions?

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